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Elec. Journals

National Bureau of Economic Research
Camford - info
CIS - Policy (Journal)
IFF 4/00


Uni Hamburg

Institut für Politikwissenschaft
IFSH - Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik
Institut für Iberoamerika-Kunde


Statistisches Bundesamt
JEL Classification
UN Commission for Sustainable Development CSD
United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
EU Suche
EU Information Society Directorate
EU GD V - Sozialpolitik
OECD Statistics
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

Jugendkriminalität und -strafvollzug

AIC: Corrections in Australia - Links
juvenile delinquency links
Penn State Lehigh Valley ~ Dr. Jennifer Parker Talwar ~ Juvenile Delinquency (ADM J 013 / SOC 013)
Links and Resources for Criminal Justice
RESTTA National Directory
Koch Crime Institut - Juvenile & Criminal Justice Publications
Documents - Restorative Justice
The Justice Policy Institute / Publications
Restorative Justice - Links & Lit
UE Steinkamp SS 1999
Elektronische Fußfessel: Übersicht
Private Prisons
Mapping & Crime Analysis Bibliography
VfK - Tagungsberichte
Forschungsprojekte Innere Sicherheit
DFK - Deutsches Forum für Kriminalprävention - PRÄVENTIONSPROJEKTE
"Infopool Prävention" - "online Recherchen"
E&C Jugendhilfemanagement


RILE - Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics
EALE - European Association of Law and Economics - Official Site
Interdisziplinärer Arbeitskreis Innere Sicherheit (AKIS)
DBH - Service
TOA Servicebüro
National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
Bureau of Justice Statistics Mental Health Treatment in State Prisons, 2000
Der Arbeitskreis kritischer Strafvollzug
OMV Safety & Security in Society
Bürgerrechte & Polizei - CILIP

Document Lists

Australian Institute of Criminology - Proceedings
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics: Table of Contents
Prison Privatization Report
Privatization of Juvenile Corrections Facilities
Libertarian Docs
Digital Library of the Commons: Search the Digital Library and Archives
PRISON.EU.ORG - Le portail de l'information sur les prisons
Vorlesung "Strafvollzugsrecht"
Florida DJJ Quality Assurance Report
Harvard Law Econ Papers
OJJDP Publications - Delinquency Prevention

Single Documents

United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (The Riyadh Guidelines)
Translations of German Statutes (Bibliography): Administration of Justice
Justizverwaltungsvorschriften NRW
Victorian Government Major Contracts


Mentoring At-Risk Youth: A Selected Bibliography
Ashe Youth Connection, Mentor Links


Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition
TEN : The Economics of Neuroscience

Internet Law


politik-digital -
Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships
National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP)
Public Policy Connection: Privatization, PPP & outsourcing


Internet Technical Resources
Infosyssec Network Protocols


FITUG e.V. - Verbraucherschutz


ICANN | Home Page
IETF Home Page
About the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
World Internet Alliance Home Page


Netlaw Library
Perkins Coie LLP: Electronic Commerce and Internet Law Resource Center
Berkman Center for Internet and Society - ICANN-Related Content
Forum on Internet Content Self-Regulation : links
Lawrence Lessig--Berkman Center Internet Society
Lutterbeck, Prof. iur Bernd - Arbeitspapiere
NOIE - Projects and activities directory
David Post's Writings
Request for Comments
Soon, Jason - Writings
Swire, Peter Home Page


Analysis of the Linux System, a New Entrant in the Operating Systems Market: Technological Innovations and Business Models
Akdeniz - Policing the Internet
Boyle, James - Foucault In Cyberspace:
Branscomb, Anne Wells - Emerging Law on the Electronic Frontier
Clarke - Netethiquette Cases
Faulhaber - Public Policy Networked Nation
Freed-Analyzing ICANN
Goldsmith - Against Cyberanarchy
Goldsmith - Cybercrime and Jurisdiction
Harvard LR. - Cyberspace Regulation Discourse State Sovereignty
ICANN | Proposal to the U.S. Government to Perform the IANA Function
Maltz, Tamir - Customary Law & Power in Internet Communities
Mayer , Franz C. - 3-1997
McConnell International: Services
Media Visions Webzine - ICANN Recommendations
Oberding/Norderhaug - Separate Jurisdiction For Cyberspace
Perritt - FTC on international jurisdiction
Rowland, Diane - Cyberspace - Contemporary Utopia?
Trachtmann - Cyberspace, Sovereignty, Jurisdiction, and Modernism

The Law of Cyberspace - Introduction
Federal Trade Commission
Scott's Library: Cyberculture and Cyberstudies
FindLaw - law, lawyer, lawyers, legal
World - Subject Index - Cyberspace
Materialien und Links - Law & Internet
Internet Law and Policy Forum
ILPF Conference 2000 - Program
gTLD-MoU Germany


Dachverbands der Bürgernetze
Webring der Bürgernetze
Bürgernetz IIVS: Trägerverein der Bürgernetze im Inn-Bereich
Bowle: BN Ostwestfalen - Info über Buergernetze Hamburg
GAP-Online - Bürgernetz Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Electronic Democracy - An Annotated Bibliography

Indicators of Sustainability

EXPO 2000 und Zukunft der Arbeit
Sustainability Indicators - Links
United Nations Sustainable Development - Indicators of Sustainable Development
Regionen der Zukunft
Public Management, PUMA, OECD
ZUMA - Abteilung Soziale Indikatoren
Indicators of Sustainable Development
DSW: Soziale und demographische Indikatoren
IW-Köln Publikationen: Arbeitszeit, Trends
Forum Bildung
BUND Freunde der Erde


The Eco-Source Network
Ecotourism Resource Centre, ecotourism practice, tourism management, ecologically sustainable development, ESD, environment, outdoor recreation, adventure travel
ETI - Europäisches Tourismus Institut
Geomorphologie: Forschungsprojekte

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