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What's so special about rockets?

Rockets are fast. Very fast.

To get into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) you need to be travelling 28.000 km/h!
The International space station (ISS) orbits the earth every 90 minutes. That means astronauts in the space station see the sun rise and set 16 times a day.

Rockets are powerful.

Currently, the most powerful operational rocket in the world is the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX. Its first stage outputs 24.000 kN of thrust.
That's almost 400 times more thrust than a Boeing 737-100 and 200 times more than a 737-MAX.
The Falcon Heavy can lift up to 64 tons to LEO, 17 tons to Mars and even 3.5 tons to Pluto.

Rockets carry important things.

For example: The Global Positioning System (GPS).
Just imagine not having it. Almost every navigation system on earth relies heavily on GPS. Planes and ships couldn't properly navigate anymore without it.

My favourite rockets

Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

Both of these rockets are capable of landing their first stage and reusing it. Seeing the two boosters of a Falcon Heavy landing simultaneously is pretty amazing.
Both boosters landing (YouTube)
Also, as mentioned erlier, the Falcon Heavy is currently the most powerful operational rocket in the world! If you calculate the price per kg for LEO, the Falcon Heavy is the cheapest rocket in the world as well.

Saturn V

It is the all-time most powerful rocket in the world. A 110 meter high monstrosity.
It could lift 140 tons to LEO, and had a thrust of 35.000 kN in the first stage!
It powered the Apollo moon missions and launched the SkyLab space station into orbit.